Gas Safety Certificates

Gas Safety Certificates

What is a gas safety certificate, and do I need one? If you are an owner occupier in a home you do not require a gas safety certificate. However, if you own a property in Scotland and let / rent it out – you need an annual gas safety check. A Gas Safety Certificate confirms that all your gas appliances are safe and in good working order. It is a legal requirement to have one if you are a landlord, owner of a holiday home that you let out or if you let out a room.   

A Gas Safety Certificate will give you peace of mind that your gas appliances are free from any dangers. The gas engineer will look to check:

·        Is your gas boiler safe and in good working order

·        Are there any harmful leaks or fumes coming from the boiler, flue or elsewhere

·        Are your gas appliances safe to use

·        Pressure checks

·        And much more

Are you a tenant or a landlord in Edinburgh, Midlothian or Fife – contact us now to inquire about your gas safety check today. Our qualified and experienced gas engineers are only a phone call away! 


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